RARE Newsletter Feb 1, 2021

RARE Reaches First Scholarship Goal

The first of RARE’s goals is about to be realized.

The James A. Davis Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to two students this year, one year earlier than planned. Also, the scholarship fund is on its way to being self-sustaining.

Integrated Teams Level the Playing Field

The story of RARE started with sports – specifically the Roosevelt High School football and basketball teams from the class of 1971.

They probably didn’t know that their team experience would change the world – or at least their corner of it.


Seattle Schools Ethnic Experience is Discussion Group Topic

RARE donors are invited to join committee members for a 90-minute online discussion, “Seattle Schools’ Ethnic Experience Inside and Out” on Monday, February 15 at 5 p.m.

Put Your Personal Statement on the RARE Donors Wall

Putting a brief personal statement on the Wall gives you a way to say why you donated. It is an opportunity to express yourself to friends, family, and potential donors who are interested in what you have to say on the highly visible topic of racial equity.


“We Hear You”

Recently, Lauren Kirkpatrick wrote a moving and telling Student Voices column in the Seattle Times about racism in the Bellevue Public Schools.

Ms. Kirkpatrick, I hear you. Nearly fifty years ago, I attended Roosevelt High School in Seattle as part of the first voluntary transfer (busing) program. In the late 1960s.


Scholarship Fund Nears Self-Sustaining Status

The James A Davis Memorial Scholarship fund has topped $137,000!

RARE would like to express its gratitude to all donors, RHS alumni and others alike, for enabling us to reach this level in four months of fundraising.