RARE Newsletter June 2021

SPS Superintendent Dr. Brent Jones Joins RARE for June 7 Discussion

Everyone is invited to attend a public Zoom session with Interim Superintendent Brent Jones on Monday, June 7 at 5pm. Please contact us if you would like a link to the Zoom meeting. The focus of the discussion will be on identifying ways that RARE and SPS can work together on specific programs. We are open to your suggestions!

Public Housing and the GI Bill Preserve Racist Housing Patterns

They were two of America’s most consequential programs but, for the most part, they didn’t help black citizens.

Less Than $15,000 To Go!

Help us ensure the scholarship program will exist in perpetuity by making your donation today. Donations will be matched dollar for dollar through June 30. You can also help by reaching out to friends and family by sending them this flyer.

Upon reaching our goal, we will look to your continued support as we build and strengthen the Fund to allow for increasing the grants to keep pace with tuition increases as well as our desire to add a third scholarship recipient each year.


REC Works for Equity at Roosevelt

After George Floyd’s murder a group of Roosevelt High School parents formed Roosevelt’s Racial Equity Committee (REC) to work toward improving the racial climate at the school. Ann Boyd and Natalya Yudkovsky from REC joined Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity on April 26 to discuss how they want to help.


Brandon Hersey Speaks to RARE

Brandon Hersey is excited about improving education. While addressing Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity he is animated, he speaks briskly, and he has a lot of information to share. Hersey, 29, is vice president of the Seattle School Board, a second-grade teacher in Federal Way, and a scout master for the only black troop in Seattle.


The Seattle Times Gives RARE Front Page Coverage

Seattle Times reporter David Gutman does an excellent job of describing the founding of RARE and its first-year achievements.

“Change, smaller but still transformational, can come on a personal level, through one person, reaching out to another, listening, trying to make a difference.”