RHS Class of 1973 Donors Page

Peter Barbee '73

Hilary Bolles '73

Laura (Calico) Corker '73
My parents were well pleased my sister (‘71), my brother (‘76), and I would be attending integrated schools. For us, it started at John Marshall. We just didn’t really know how to make the best use of what we were seeing and learning. It made a huge impact on me. As mentioned, I thought racism was only in the South, back then, as my parents had friends of all races. I had a long way to go. It’s these brilliant youth who will take our feeble efforts and bring us forward with great strides. They know about things we didn't and have language for things we didn’t, and they have the will. Youth can move the world.

Doreen & Paul Fisher '73

Jane (Harris) Nellams '73
I hope that my gift will promote racial equity at Roosevelt by encouraging students to call on their better angels and work to improve relationships among all students.


Steven Sol Matalon '73
Jane (Harris) Nellams

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