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Williams Friendship Fund – Marie & Walt Williams '39

Nancy Fisher-Allison and Anthony Paul Allison '71
I'm honored to be joining RARE and the RHS community in this scholarship project, named for my great teammate and classmate James Davis. Thanks to everyone on the Donors Wall for making this happen, and for supporting racial equity.

Lisa Gianelli and Mark Anderson '71
We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this worthy cause.

Scott Andrews '70
Myself and Jan Bordner (Class of 1968) are Very Honored To Be Part Of This Great Organization. I Knew James Through Sports At RHS And What A Top Shelf Kind Of Man......He Will Be Missed....Hopefully Our Actions....Will Lead To Greater Changes In Racial Equity.....In Our Lifetime

Debbie (Bergseth) Bergseth Gowey '71

Kristianne (Gates) Blake '71
Energized by my fellow classmates who started RARE. Open discussions are a necessary foundation for promoting racial equity. Recognizing students who contribute toward creating a climate of racial equity is a fitting tribute to James Davis.

Gregg Blodgett '71

Glenn Carlson '72

Duane Covey '72
I was looking at my 1971 Annual for what James had to say. What stuck out to me was what he put down as his passions: 1) People…he genuinely cared! 2) Football…his sports passion 3) Roughriders…Serving others! He was a leader when he was 18!!! James was genuine… he delivered results…he was a team player…he built relationships ( even 50 years later)…he was courageous…a great communicator and he inspired som many…to this day. He was part of a class I always looked up to. He was accepting of me and now has motivated me from the grave to support those who emulate his character!! He was RARE…and so can we all be‼️

Jude & Steve Fisher '71
I'm very happy to join my '71 alumni in donating to this great cause

Jude & Steve Fisher '71
I'm very happy to join my '71 alumni in donating to this great cause

Brad Henley '72

Bruce Johnson '71

John and Pris Kloess '72

Joan Levin

Chris Rich '71

David Rost '72
Melinda Rost '01 Morgan (Rost) Suddendorf '05

John Tabb '71
James Davis was an inspiring teammate, class officer and friend. I am enthused to support his racial equity philosophy via RARE and the James Davis Scholarships.

David Tang '71

Holly and Jeff Ullman

Richard Waltonsmith '67
Our class had the 1st group of volunteer black kids bused to Roosevelt. "Why do they sit together at lunch?" I sat with them when I could; and realized how little I knew about their experiences in a majority white country. Empathy is such a key ingredient to make this country live up to our claims of fairness and equity. RARE is working in that direction. Randy (Randolph) Carter was a bused student, and I admired his bravery.

Nancy A. Dodge & David T. Watts '71
"Each of us can learn from the equality trailblazers who have dedicated their work and lives to creating a path toward equality for all," -- Stevie Wonder. We salute the equality trailblazers of RARE.

Bruce Williams '71
James Davis was a teammate, a co-worker and a friend. But my relationship with him was also a sign of hope - that despite our country's terrible treatment of blacks in the past, in the future we could live together in a country "with liberty and justice for all." I am sad that we haven't made more progress but, with enough local efforts like this, we will get there.

Les Young '71
"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." James Baldwin (1962)


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