What is the mission of RARE?

The mission of Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE) is to promote racial equity by contributing to a deeper understanding of systemic racism and racial justice. To accomplish this RARE will engage in activities that help to heal the racial divide and enhance equitable outcomes for all races, including open discussions and projects related to education.

Why should you join RARE?

Joining RARE is a way for you to address problems of racial equity in the context of the Roosevelt HS community and beyond. You will be supporting RARE’s projects and forums related to racial equity. Perhaps even more importantly, you will be helping to change our culture to be more accepting and supportive for everyone, regardless of their background.

How will we know what RARE is doing?

RARE publishes a monthly newsletter on this website to keep everyone up to date about RARE’s initiatives, including the new Connections Program, the James A Davis Jr Scholarship Award, the video documentary, RARE’s Open Discussion sessions, and other RARE activities.

Who is running RARE?

RARE has a Board of Directors made up of 20 diverse individual volunteers, and a committee structure staffed by them and other volunteers, who are doing the organizing, planning, and execution of RARE’s activities. The current Co-Chairs are Joe Hunter and Tony Allison, both RHS Class of 1971.

How can I join RARE as a volunteer and serve on a committee or on the Board?

RARE is seeking people committed to racial equity to serve as volunteers!  We are looking for a range of talents and experience, from finance and fundraising to operations management and education.  Our committee structure is shown elsewhere on the website.  Please reach out to us via our Contact Us page!

Where does RARE go from here?

RARE has developed, along with its Mission and Vision Statements, a Strategic Plan which will be renewed and updated each year.  Our Strategic Plan calls for networking and educational advocacy for racial equity, and supporting students in order to leverage and influence social change.  We are pursuing these goals through existing and new initiatives shown on this website, deepening our relationship with Roosevelt High School and its community while reaching out increasingly to other schools and their communities as well.  We are open to your input.  What is your idea? Please contact us and share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.