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Make your commitment to racial equity

Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE) has launched projects to promote racial equity at Roosevelt High School and other Seattle schools and communities. We are offering two annual scholarships at Roosevelt HS, and have made a documentary film, Roosevelt High School Beyond Black and White, about historical attempts at desegregation, and about the racial equity issues and divisions of today, not only at Roosevelt but at schools throughout Seattle and nationwide – the film has been shown four times on PBS.  In addition, RARE holds Open Discussions on racial issues led by prominent experts and community leaders. RARE has also launched Connections, to bring together students of different backgrounds and schools to learn more about racial equity while having fun, active experiences outside of school, and a Restorative Practice initiative to advocate for racial equity by ensuring each child has equitable access to educational opportunities. Please see more information about RARE and its projects on the drop-down menu above.
RARE is looking for additional volunteers and financial supporters.  We welcome you to participate.

“The work of Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE) is a great source of support to Roosevelt High School, and to my goals as Principal.  RARE’s projects and discussion sessions are helping to move our school and our community toward more equity and more understanding of racial issues.”.Principal Tami Brewer, Roosevelt High School, Seattle


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