You Can Promote Racial Equity



For students of color at Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equality (RARE) has established two $5,000 annual scholarships for economically disadvantaged students of color at Roosevelt. Working in partnership with school staff, RARE has established a clear selection process for the scholarships, which will be available to graduating students who are planning to attend college, trade school or a professional training program. We seek candidates who have contributed toward creating a climate of racial equity at Roosevelt and who have demonstrated a commitment to furthering their education.

RARE will publish a newsletter on this website to keep everyone up to date about fundraising for the scholarship, the video documentary, and other RARE activities.

The scholarship is named for James A. Davis Jr., a remarkable Black graduate, and senior class vice president, from Roosevelt’s class of 1971. James believed in and promoted racial equity. When he saw something wrong, he spoke up and challenged racial injustices. James passed away in 2013.

Why is the James A. Davis Jr. Memorial Scholarship so important?

Many economically disadvantaged students of color have overcome substantial obstacles on their paths to graduation. These students are often the first in their families to graduate from high school or go to college. Most have significant financial needs and have experienced racial discrimination. For many, the scholarship will allow them to continue their formal education after high school. There will be a celebratory ceremony for scholarship recipients, with families and Roosevelt High School staff and students in attendance along with RARE representatives — what we hope will be a shining moment in the high school lives of scholarship recipients.

The $5000 scholarship could mean the difference between taking on a large debt or having to work many hours to pay for college or trade school, as opposed to being able focus on their educational pursuits.

The James A. Davis Jr. Memorial Scholarship will impact not only the recipients, but also their peers who then can imagine themselves being recognized and receiving a financial boost for their own accomplishments. Since recipients are being celebrated for their contributions to racial relations as well as their other achievements, this will have a positive impact on the overall racial atmosphere at Roosevelt High School and in its community.

““I’m very pleased to see the establishment of the James A. Davis Jr. Memorial Scholarship at Roosevelt High School. The scholarship will provide new educational opportunities and inspiration for economically disadvantaged students of color and will demonstrate our strong concern for a healthy racial atmosphere at our school.” -Carrie Richard, Counselor and Scholarship Coordinator at Roosevelt High School

This is your opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s life and promote racial equity.

Did you know?
A gift of marketable securities to RARE can be one of the most tax smart ways to give.

A gift of publicly traded securities that have appreciated in value can be a tax wise move. As opposed to selling the stock and donating cash to RARE, by donating the stock directly you can avoid paying capital gains tax, and for people who itemize their deductions, claim the full market value of the securities as a charitable contribution. This allows you to maximize the value of your contribution to RARE. Please contact us for further information.

Your tax deductible donation will be processed by Roosevelt High School Golden Grads, a registered 501(c) 3 non profit, EIN 91-1228934.

Please join us!

Thank you to all of the donors who helped us to reach our goal of $250,000 for the James A. Davis Jr. Scholarship Fund. We are grateful for your continued support as we build and strengthen the Fund to allow for increasing the grants to keep pace with tuition increases as well as our desire to add a third scholarship recipient each year.