Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Flexible Part Time Paid Opportunity



Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE) is a volunteer-run nonprofit founded in 2020. In its short time, it has funded two annual scholarships for disadvantaged students of color and made a documentary film, Roosevelt High School: Beyond Black and White. The film is about historical attempts at desegregation and about the racial equity issues and divisions of today. 

RARE’s film has been very well received. It has already been viewed by thousands of people via schools, places of worship, community organizations, public television, and other channels. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg! Our goal is to take the film into hundreds of other institutions throughout the greater Seattle area and even other parts of Washington State.

In addition, RARE holds Open Discussions on racial issues led by prominent experts and community leaders, and is launching a new initiative, Connections, to bring together diverse groups of students for fun, meaningful experiences outside of school. 

RARE’s initial focus was on programs relating to Roosevelt High School (RHS) in Seattle. Now RARE is launching programs that benefit students in other Seattle schools as well. For example, the Connections pilot this past summer was held at Garfield High School. It included students from multiple south-end schools, in addition to RHS.


The purpose of the Marketing and Communications (MarCom) Coordinator (MC) position is to take responsibility for the following tasks. In some cases, the task might be handled directly by the MC. In other cases, the MC might need to find one or more freelancers (i.e., programmers or graphic designers) to handle some aspects of the task.

  • Post blog articles — In most cases, RARE blog articles will be written by volunteers who belong to RARE program committees. The role of the MC will be to: (a) review the content for obvious errors or problems; (b) post the article to our WordPress site; and (c) find and post an image that appropriately matches the content.
  • Publish the newsletter — RARE publishes a newsletter every month or two. Many of the articles are extracted from the blog articles. The role of the MC is to: (a) coordinate with the Messaging Committee on what should be included; (b) craft 2 to 4 sentences for that article, which are often pulled directly from the corresponding blog article; (c) post the web version of the newsletter; and (d) convert the web newsletter to a format that can be sent via our CRM (ActiveCampaign).
  • Updates to the website — Each program committee needs changes to their pages on the website from time to time. Some changes are minor, others are more involved. One role of the MC is to assess the task and reply with a quote as to the number of hours required for the task. The MC should also provide an estimate of the freelancer costs that might be required. There will usually be some back and forth with the program committee on these points. Another role is to implement the request. This might involve hiring a freelancer for part of the task.
  • Post to social media — Occasionally, the RARE committees will need to post information or notices about their programs to the RARE social media accounts. Requests for social media posts will be routed through the Messaging Committee. The role of the MC is to: (a) ensure the content is suitably formatted and focused; (b) find an appropriate image to go with the post; and (c) post via an appropriate tool to the target platforms. 

This remote work is approximately 5 to 15 hours per month with flexible hours, on a permanent basis. The candidate must commit to answering emails or Slack messages within one business day and be available for bi-weekly conference calls. The pay for this position will be $30 per hour. And you will meet some very dedicated and smart people with a wide range of backgrounds and interests!


  • A passion for RARE’s mission
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Familiarity with Seattle geography, communities, schools, and places (Seattle residence not required)
  • Excellent computer and organizational skills with an attention to detail
  • Experience with CRMs, including managing contact data, tags, forms, and automations (RARE uses ActiveCampaign)
  • Experience with social media
  • Experience with WordPress administration and various WordPress plugins
  • Experience with hosting providers (RARE uses GoDaddy)
  • Experience with Google Analytics desirable but not required

Join a Diverse Team

The RARE team is composed of more than 40 passionate volunteers, including 22 board members. Half are people of color. The team is evenly split between male and female. The first volunteers were mostly graduates of RHS. Now most of our new volunteers are from other schools. Many live outside the Seattle area. Nearly all of our meetings are via Zoom. We are migrating to Slack for most of our written communications.

Other Opportunities

RARE has other programs relating to racial equity that will also require coordination of volunteers and project management. Let us know if you are interested in working additional hours on these other programs.

Next Steps

If you are interested, please use our Contact Us form to give us your name, email address, and statement of interest. We will then provide you with an email address for sending your resume and any other additional information.