Roosevelt High School: Beyond Black & White

An Online Documentary Premiere — Everyone is Invited!

50 Years Later, Seattle Still Struggles with Race & Diversity

Learn how we can do better in this
documentary about race and education,
based on the experiences of Roosevelt High School
yesterday and today.

Premiere Monday, January 31, 2022 at 7PM PST
Followed by Q&A with Panel of Students, Staff, Parents, & Alumni
Including SPS Board President Brandon Hersey & RHS Principal “Q” Hollins

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This documentary is both timely and critical. The work it will take to rid our district of racism at all levels must be uplifted in all forms of media to be truly seen and valued. Thank you to RARE for doing just that. I hope members of our community will see this film as not only an important reminder but a call to action.Brandon Hersey, President, Seattle School Board

Race is one of the burning issues of the day, but does your family talk about it? The topic is uncomfortable and complicated. Yet the conversations need to happen. Young people are entering an increasingly diverse world. To thrive, they must be prepared to work with people who look different or come from different backgrounds.

We invite you, your family, and friends to join us via Zoom on Monday, Jan 31 at 7PM (PST). After a brief introduction by Principal Hollins, we will begin the premier showing of Roosevelt High School: Beyond Black & White. The film is 30 minutes long. To answer questions afterwards, there will be a mixed-race panel of students, alumni, teachers, and others.

The film Roosevelt High School: Beyond Black & White is a production of Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE), a Seattle non-profit formed to promote racial equity, with a focus on schools and their communities. RARE offers scholarships, this film, and monthly Open Discussions. Its newest initiative is Connections, a program to bring together students of different backgrounds for fun, meaningful experiences outside of school.