Beyond the Screen: RARE’s Film Outreach Making a Difference

/ June 30, 2023

(L-R) Anna Peterson (Thorton Creek PTSA Moderator); Joe Hunter and Leah Scott (RARE Panelist)

RARE’s film outreach efforts are going strong! This spring, we made great progress in our film outreach efforts. Since the film was produced, it has been screened with positive reviews at many schools and several religious organizations such as University Temple United Methodist Church and Beth Shalom Synagogue. Since the school year is winding down, we decided to focus current outreach efforts to religious organizations. This month, we’ve sent out two email blasts to over 100 religious organizations and set up email automations to customize our messaging and manage responses. We hope to see some positive responses for setting up film screening events as well as further engagement in RARE’s other areas of focus including restorative practices and connections work. In the fall, we plan to again focus our outreach efforts to more schools, civic, community and business organizations.

June film screenings! This month we showed Beyond Black & White at two Seattle schools. On June 14th, RARE participated in The Center School’s Racial Equity Day (RED). We screened the film during two workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 8-10 students were present per session, plus one Roosevelt High School substitute teacher attended in the afternoon. Several students participated by answering questions and providing some of their own insights based on their personal experiences. On June 16th, RARE screened the film at Thorton Creek Elementary School for a group of about 40 parents and students. We also shared a potluck meal and a meaningful post-film discussion. Main takeaways from these in-person screenings are that 1) This work of helping to foster racial equity in our schools is ongoing and unending and how important it is to continue the work anyway. 2) We need to respect others despite our racial differences 3) Connect with our own selves first. Figure out what motivates you; what you like and want to support and then go do something to help make a difference for the greater good.

We need more panelists! We are also actively soliciting for more folks to be panelists during our film screening + discussion events. We want more people to be involved! Let’s grow the circle wider and help spread the word about this important film. Panelists are not limited to only Roosevelt High School students, alumni or folks who were in the film. We are inviting anybody who feels connected to this area of work to get involved. Students, teachers, staff, parents, community members and business leaders are all welcome to participate. Student panelists will receive a stipend of $100-$150 in exchange for their time and involvement.

Please email our outreach coordinator for more information!