Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE) & Restorative Practice

/ April 11, 2023

RARE is a member of the Restorative Practice “Community” Coalition (RPCC). As a member of the RPCC, RARE works in collaboration with students, educators, community organizations, and the Seattle Public Schools Restorative Practice Department for the implementation of Restorative Practice/Justice in schools.

What is restorative practice?

“Restorative practices are based on the principles and processes that emphasize the importance of positive relationships as central to building community and restoring relationships when harm has occurred.” (SF Unified School District)

Restorative practice is about relationships; building, maintaining, and repairing relationships to form healthy, supportive, and inclusive communities. When we do things that impact others and create harm in the community, it is our individual and collective responsibility to make things right. Restorative practices help create spaces that hold us accountable in supportive and inclusive ways.

Restorative practices describe a continuum of supports and strategies that are proactive and responsive, while restorative justice is typically applied when harm has occurred in the community.

What Teachers Need To Know About Restorative Justice 

Restorative Justice in Schools: SEL in Action 

Additional Information about Restorative Practice/Justice can be found on the SPS webpage.

Restorative Practices Program – Seattle Public Schools 

If you would like to learn more about RARE’s efforts in working with Seattle Public Schools, the Restorative Practice Community Coalition, or you would like to attend one of our meetings, please contact us at the link below:

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