The Verdict — Where We Go From Here

/ April 20, 2021

Last Memorial Day, George Floyd was killed by Derek Chauvin. Among the actions the murder set in motion was the call between two Roosevelt High School alumni that ultimately formed Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE).

Now we have three guilty verdicts in the Chauvin murder trial. To say the least, RARE members are relieved. It also leaves us with questions — What now? What’s next for equity issues? What’s next for RARE and groups like RARE? The possibilities are truly endless.

Sadly, there will be more deadly incidents for people of color at the hands of police. We know that there will be more trials. Some are pending. But with the verdicts come the obligation to continue the work of building a more perfect union for all Americans.

For RARE, that means doing all we can to build trust among students of color and their white classmates at Roosevelt. It means ensuring equitable treatment of students and equal educational opportunities. It means one disciplinary system. It means more representation of people of color in the curriculum, in the faculty, and in the school’s administration.

It means that the work continues.