Fundraising Update – February 2023

/ February 25, 2023

Fundraising is the engine that powers RARE’s programs in support of racial equity!

That’s why I agreed to serve as RARE’s Fundraising Committee chair in 2023.

If you have donated to RARE in the past, thank you! If you are considering a donation now or soon, thank you again! We view our donors as partners, as members of the expanding RARE family. We are always open to your input and suggestions – —and would love to have you join our efforts as volunteers!

In 2022 RARE raised approximately $80,000 from individual donations of all sizes: small, medium, and large. Our goals for 2023 include increasing that amount to at least $100,000 from individual donors, and to supplement that amount with grants, and with direct appeals to foundations and corporations.

RARE’s approach to fundraising is, above all, to clearly communicate our programs, accomplishments, and vision for the future. Donors want to understand what they are donating to!

Follow RARE through its website, blog, newsletter, and (soon) social media posts. Or, if you have questions, please contact us directly.

As a 501c3 non-profit, RARE accepts tax-free donations via credit card or check, or in the form of stock. Donors are listed on RARE’s Donor Wall (unless they don’t want to be), and have the option of making their donation in the name of an individual or cause they cherish. RARE is also working with alumni classes of RHS and other schools who would like to have their own class page — we know that each class year has its own special memories and traditions, and its own competitive spirit!

A recent piece of good news is that RARE qualified for Benevity, a vetting program under which companies agree to match donations to RARE by their employees. What a great way to double the impact! Microsoft and other local companies are partners in this program.
We are open to your ideas. Maybe a live event this summer, so the RARE family can meet in person over food, drinks, and music? Send your thoughts. Thanks again!!